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575 North East Road, Gilles Plains, SA 5086, Australia
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About iTechRepair - Computer & Phone Repair
A broken phone or a laptop can lead to chaos for many, but with the right help at the right time, all can be well in the world. At Itech repair, we provide Adelaide Iphone repair
service, and we also have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who can eradicate any virus or repair your phone to make it as good as new. We deal in phone, laptop,
desktop, ipod and ipad repairs and such services are provided at competitive prices. You can easily book a service without any hassles online by mentioning the date of the service
and your personal details so we could contact you. Get in touch today. We are offering several services given below: 1. Ipad Repairs Service 2. Iphone Repairs Service 3. Tablet
Repairs Service 4. Computer Repairs Service
Gilles Plains SA


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