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23 Vaughan Dr, Ormeau, QLD 4208, Australia
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About Big Jim's Tree Service
Big Jim’s Tree Service is a family owned and run company that has been servicing the Gold Coast, South Brisbane and Northern New South Wales for over 20 years. In this time they
have built up a large customer base from our prompt service and quality work methods. The team has extensive knowledge about the tree industry, as well as our safe working
practices ensure that you will continue to provide professional and quality services for years to come. They provide a free quote service, they will come out to your site where
they will discuss your requirements and give you a written or emailed quote. Big Jim's Tree Service provide Tree Pruning Dead wooding- Which is the removal of dead branches
that can fall off causing potential property damage or be harmful to people in Gold Coast. Crown lifting- is when you are raising the trees canopy which will improve the clearance
and access around your tree Selective Pruning- This is removing branches for a variety of reason including weight reducing, branch decay, branches over hanging fences, pools,
building and to reduce the risk of falling branches Line Clearing- As tree’s grow and there canopy expands these can become a problem for your power lines or phone lines,
pruning back branches will give safe clearance. Palm Pruning/Removal Un-maintained palm trees, especially coco’s palms are an inviting habitat for rats, cockroaches and
bats. Palm trees should be frequently maintained, seed pods and dead or dying branches removed. Falling palm fronds and seed pods have been known to cause serious injury due to
weight and shape of the objects. We also offer complete palm removal with waste removed offsite. Stump grinding- Stump grinding is usually required when the stumps have left an
unsightly visual impact, or customers wish to use the space for re-planting. Stump grinding requires specialised machinery and qualified operators to ensure the job is done
correctly. Not only are the stump visually unappealing they can also be a hazard; they make homes for termites and other insects. Our stump grinder operator Ryan will be happy to
supply free Quotes and answer any questions you may have. Tree Removal Big Jim’s Tree Service can assure you that the job is completed as quickly and safely as possible,
keeping in mind your satisfaction is our top priority. Trees can be removed in a number of ways like lopping, pruning, and lopping, climbing to remove trees will involve use of
ropes, pulleys, friction drums to lower branches and sections out of the tree in a controlled manner by our professional team. Cherry pickers and cranes may be used also if trees
are deemed too dangerous to climb or in tight difficult spots. Storm Clean-up Call Big Jim’s Tree Service for your next project whether it is large scale clearing or tree
removal on new house blocks for building to commence. We have the equipment to get the job done efficiently. Get ready for storm season! Let one of our qualified staff come and
inspect your trees for any hazards. They can help identify potentially dangerous trees, branches or limbs. We also offer a 24 hour emergency service for those who need storm damage
cleaned up after hours. Stump Grinding Tree stumps a problem? They provide tree lopping services. Their tree lopper is always there to help you. Want a cost effective way to
remove them from your yard? Tree stumps can be a hazardous obstruction in your yard, and as the tree stumps die, these can make nice homes for termites. This can create a costly
problem for your property. Stump grinding can eliminate potential risk. Trees need to be removed for a variety of reasons: The tree has died The tree is defective The tree
is dangerous See to learn more! Mulch & Firewood Sales Mulch and fire wood can be purchased and delivered all year round. Mulch is
all tree mulch no PALM! Great for your gardens. They supply the Gold Coast and surrounding areas with quality seasoned split firewood consisting of a hard wood mix including gum
and iron bark, free delivery with all loads. Contact them today for prices! They are also happy to look at any other tree’s on your property whilst they are there. For a free
quote contact them today on 04 1819 7006 ! or visit their site for more information. Follow them on
Ormeau QLD


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